Thursday, 11 August 2022

Gathering While we Can.

The garden is providing a bounty of produce this year and as I don't like to waste, in between working and renovations,  I have been very productive in the kitchen. Large green tomatoes just make me think of Green Tomato Pickles.

Although I haven't made it for a number of years I thought it a good time to drag out the old Women's Weekly recipe book and gather the ingredients. The only item I had to buy was half a cauliflower, but everything else was on hand, onions, green tomatoes, cucumber, and spices.


I have loved this cook book for ever and I keep coming back to it time and again.

We also have a Tangor Tree (it's a citrus fruit hybrid of the mandarin orange and the sweet orange) in the hen house and each year it's full of fruit and the marvelous thing is the cockatoos don't touch the fruit!  I have never used the fruit for jam making but have often wondered about it, so I thought I would give it a go as it would answer the question once and for all! WOW! It sure did!

It's a small fruit, not as sweet as a mandarin but peels easily like one, and it does make a delicious jam.  More like a marmalade.

 I really feel pleased that this crop isn't going to waste and I have jars to spare for my family and friends as well as some for me to spread lavishly on my toast. There is still enough fruit for another 2 batches of marmalade to make on the weekend.

After a massive clear out and repaint of the craft room  I have finally gotten around to some stitching. As all the bits and pieces for Foxley Village have arrived, I thought it was time to begin. 

Must say it is much bigger than I expected but I'm loving it! Block one done! Now onto the second.

I am still doing casual shifts at the Hospital as Covid is taking a heavy toll on staff, Doctors and Nurses and others each day. I have decided to stay and help out for a little longer but I do have a definite day for full retirement in mind!

Here's hoping the world will find it's way back to some sort of normal!




Friday, 27 May 2022

A Series of Unfortunate Events

 How prepared are you when something unexpected happens?


I recently needed to host overnight guests that were stranded in my town  due to a fatal crash on the highway! 

What I quickly realized that I was not prepared by way of toiletries, bedding, clothes......lucky for me I had food aplenty.

I was able to scrounge up some new toothbrushes and I did have plenty of toothpaste, but I forgot I had some small guest soaps!

Bedding I had but, nothing suitable for adults, just the old (and clean) grand-kids linen. A bit faded as they haven't slept over for a couple of years.


Clothing.....well I guess you can never be prepared for this as people come in all shapes and sizes and they were kind enough to compromise.

Food was not an issue as I have worked that day so the slow cooker was on with spiced pulled pork. All good there! So that was one thing off my mind.


I had to work the next day, leaving at 0530 for a shift in the hospital, so I sorted out breakfast for the ladies and left instructions with hubby. I think he did a great job looking after them as he was thanked profusely when they left.

This whole exercise got me thinking about how I could be prepared should there ever be a next time, and who knows, it may be tomorrow or there may never be a next time,  regardless I'll be ready!


I have found some cute little travel packs at the pharmacy that have empty small bottles for shampoo, conditioner and other things. I love them and you don't need to keep them filled, just have them on hand if needed! After all...most things are here in the home and the bottles just need filling up and they even come with little labels. This will make guests feel special I'm sure!

The next thing I need to do is to crochet some face towels to add to the packs. I found these on Instagram and love them. Off to Spotlight for supplies!

 You can find the pattern here at Annie's Design Crochet where she has a free pattern for these baby wash cloths but I'm going to use them as face cloths.
 I shall then make up some clear vinyl pouches to complete the packs. Maybe I'll make some for my market stall (when I get it started that is) so I'll always have them on hand!

 There are lots of free patterns on the internet if you're searching for ideas.
I hope you are more prepared than me, but I'll be ready next time!





Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Time is on my side.....Said no-one ever!

 Reminds me of that song by the Rolling stones, but they were talking about a love coming back so they had time to wait....


Me on the other hand, I just don't know where the time goes! It's the beginning of the day and then it's night and you're very tired, it's the beginning of the month and then it's the end! Where does it go? 


With the weather really starting to cool I'm spending a lot of time outside and just coming in to eat and sleep...........well that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it sounds good!  This means that I am trying to prepare meals in advance so I can have that time outside guilt free knowing there is good nutritious food ready when we are hungry or at least ready to pop in the oven.


The garden responds to all this love and attention with copious blooms and a bounty of harvest.
Spare time is spent in the craft room and I have been busy trying out a new pattern. The Holland Pouch by Center-street Quilts. I follow her on Instagram here.

I do believe I have made the handles a little firm as they need to be looser but that will teach me to NOT break my cardinal rule of reading the pattern carefully as you go. I unpicked this one more than I care to admit! But I'm all good now so I'll be running a few more of these up soon.
I finally finished this little project that I've been working on now for a couple of weeks. A sweet little hanger for the front door. 

Well, again it's a busy day today and time is not standing still or on my side, so I'm off to the craft room to continue working on a couple of little zipper pouches belonging to a secret stitch a long (but is a secret no longer) and I'm way behind!