Thursday, 15 April 2021

New from Old.


I love, clothing, and any brick-a-brat stuff  really, and this shirt has seen better days. Picked it up from the cheap rack and turned it into an apron for use in the garden.


Of course you can't see the collar but the embroidered band on the top of the apron came from the collar of the shirt. Not a very big pocket but that will have to do!

Another repurposed project was to make the insert for my new cushion and for this I used old pillow stuffing. As I'm a bit of a hoarder I strip out the stuffing from pillows, wash and dry in the sun and put in those vacuum bags to store for later on.



I thought it would be a good idea to make my own inserts. They will last much longer than a brought one and can be taken out and washed repeatedly without falling apart. I think I'm going to do this for all the cushions I make now. I used calico for the outside. Cheap and tough!


In the garden the Furcraea has now produced abundant plantlets along the bloom spike and I will use some of these to plant back into the garden as the original plant will die. Some grow and flower quickly and others just sit around for years growing very little.

During a storm last week a few fell off prematurely but I did pick some up to save them from the mower.

Well it's a lovely Autumn day outside and it's time to be out and enjoying the cool temperatures.



  1. What a lovely cheerful apron, and that’s a gorgeous pillow cover!
    Isn’t it lovely that autumn has finally arrived, though I’d like the rain to ease off now. 😂

  2. Hi Rosie ... I'm popping over from Instagram as I saw you had a blog.😊 I just adore your new apron & the cushion!! I use old pillows to make my cushion inserts too. Sometimes when you pick them up at the Op Shop the outer covering can look so discoloured & yet inside they are in great condition. Have a wonderful week Rosie ... am now following along with you. Julie xx


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