Saturday, 3 December 2022

Geting Ready for Christmas.

 The weeks are certainly moving very fast with the New Year just around the corner and Christmas even closer. While I have not worked at the hospital as much as I usually do it is still busy on the home front. 

I have been trying to get some sort of routine into my days but with casual work still ongoing it is difficult to stick to allocated days for doing the necessary home stuff. This should change in the new year when I no longer work at all! Yay!!


I can say that I am super organized this year.

   Christmas shopping  done ✔ 

I have added a few bits and pieces to the usual shopping for the last few months so I don't have to get it all at once, looking for specials that I can freeze and store until needed. We will only have the food that has to be brought fresh a few days before needed to buy.



Presents mostly done ✔ 

With just a few handmade things on the go but plenty of time to have them completed and wrapped.


I am making some home made things for some of the family and I'm sure the girls will love the macrame plant hangers I am making. Add a pot or bowl and it certainly looks pretty.


 Note: These are not mine cause you never know who might be lurking about !

Decorating for the holidays done  ✔ 

I have boxes and boxes of decorations for Christmas but I find that year after year I'm taking out less and less so I have made up my mind to go through those boxes and donate most of those decorations to charity. I probably won't do this till after Christmas unfortunately.


A few years ago I started to replace the store brought decorations with handmade ones. There are so many  lovely decorations brought out each year to tempt us but I think I'll become very choosy when getting any new ones from now on.

I will be stitching along with  "A Season of Kindness " with Sip Tea and EPP party ❤ with Irina (@nordiccrafter) and Larisa (@stitchingnotes), on Instagram and am in the process of making the Christmas Baubles but mine will be place tags for the table instead of the coasters.


Over the years I have made cutlery bags, chocolate sacks etc for the guests and table. I think these will be pretty for the guests to take home and hang on their trees next year. These are mine in progress.
I have found that making a list of jobs to do and when to do them is very helpful in the run down to Christmas. I don't necessarily stick to it but use it as a guide.

I found this Weekly Planner in a cheap shop and love it. It also came with a smaller note book, pen and clipboard, but there are plenty of  free downloads on the net that can do the same job.
Until next time. 




  1. You do seem very organised! Love your pretty bauble tags. xx

  2. Well done on being organised, and I love that you sound so very relaxed. 😊 Your home is always beautiful at Christmas, which I’m sure adds to the joy everyone feels around the table…though your Italian feast would be the highlight. 🎄


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