Saturday, 10 April 2021

Autumn in the Garden

While Autumn brings to mind the changing colour of leaves and cooler weather for the Northern Hemisphere,  here in North Queensland and the Southern Hemisphere, summer lives on! The landscape is lush, the creeks and rivers are full and waterfall chasing is spectacular. 



Of course this means it's time for garden preparation and is the perfect time to get into some long weekend gardening projects to make your space the best place to be.

Hubby and I are getting older and with that comes the creaky knees and backs. So we have decided to change our garden beds around this year. There are still herbs, capsicum, eggplant and tomatoes growing but these may not survive a transplant when we move the beds.



Instead of one long bed with limited access we have moved the chook pen back about 4 feet and are going to turn the space into smaller beds. This will also be beneficial for crop rotation as well.

Both of us work together in the garden helping each other do the heavy work and there is the possibility we may not have the beds ready for planting this year as the weather is still quite warm.  It may take us the cooler months to prepare and finish the project but all will be ready for the following year. We need to sit and recover or break the jobs down to smaller lots, but we aren't in a hurry.


As you get older it's a good idea to sit, enjoy the view/day and plan the next moves.


If we only get up the garden bed frames this year it might just be the opportunity to do a straw bale garden with our favourite veges! I like the look of these beds as well and can already taste the lettuce!



It's off to gather supplies so that as the weather cools we are ready.

                         Happy gardening!

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  1. Wow, those hay bale gardens are impressive! Do they have soil in the middle?
    You're wise. We're getting older and things must be done in stages, especially this year as the summer scorch is still continuing to my surprise.
    But you know, autumn/winter cooling will arrive eventually and then we shall enjoy the sun every day while those down south shiver in their cold. Though I don't mind saying it would be nice to be cold for a few weeks...


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