Friday, 27 May 2022

A Series of Unfortunate Events

 How prepared are you when something unexpected happens?


I recently needed to host overnight guests that were stranded in my town  due to a fatal crash on the highway! 

What I quickly realized that I was not prepared by way of toiletries, bedding, clothes......lucky for me I had food aplenty.

I was able to scrounge up some new toothbrushes and I did have plenty of toothpaste, but I forgot I had some small guest soaps!

Bedding I had but, nothing suitable for adults, just the old (and clean) grand-kids linen. A bit faded as they haven't slept over for a couple of years.


Clothing.....well I guess you can never be prepared for this as people come in all shapes and sizes and they were kind enough to compromise.

Food was not an issue as I have worked that day so the slow cooker was on with spiced pulled pork. All good there! So that was one thing off my mind.


I had to work the next day, leaving at 0530 for a shift in the hospital, so I sorted out breakfast for the ladies and left instructions with hubby. I think he did a great job looking after them as he was thanked profusely when they left.

This whole exercise got me thinking about how I could be prepared should there ever be a next time, and who knows, it may be tomorrow or there may never be a next time,  regardless I'll be ready!


I have found some cute little travel packs at the pharmacy that have empty small bottles for shampoo, conditioner and other things. I love them and you don't need to keep them filled, just have them on hand if needed! After all...most things are here in the home and the bottles just need filling up and they even come with little labels. This will make guests feel special I'm sure!

The next thing I need to do is to crochet some face towels to add to the packs. I found these on Instagram and love them. Off to Spotlight for supplies!

 You can find the pattern here at Annie's Design Crochet where she has a free pattern for these baby wash cloths but I'm going to use them as face cloths.
 I shall then make up some clear vinyl pouches to complete the packs. Maybe I'll make some for my market stall (when I get it started that is) so I'll always have them on hand!

 There are lots of free patterns on the internet if you're searching for ideas.
I hope you are more prepared than me, but I'll be ready next time!






  1. Hi Rosie great post ,it was wonderful spending time with you yesterday,you are a beautiful friend .
    Thankyou for this post I am going to do the same it’s a great idea ,and wow your slow cooker meal looks awesome I must get the recipe,take care 💕🤍💕

  2. What a great post, because I don't think many of us are prepared for unexpected overnight guests. What a blessing for those women to have your home as their 'sanctuary' for a night. I shall indeed start thinking about your suggestions for those 'just in case' events. We don't have a spare bed/bedroom but a quality air mattress would be a wise purchase.


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