Thursday, 11 August 2022

Gathering While we Can.

The garden is providing a bounty of produce this year and as I don't like to waste, in between working and renovations,  I have been very productive in the kitchen. Large green tomatoes just make me think of Green Tomato Pickles.

Although I haven't made it for a number of years I thought it a good time to drag out the old Women's Weekly recipe book and gather the ingredients. The only item I had to buy was half a cauliflower, but everything else was on hand, onions, green tomatoes, cucumber, and spices.


I have loved this cook book for ever and I keep coming back to it time and again.

We also have a Tangor Tree (it's a citrus fruit hybrid of the mandarin orange and the sweet orange) in the hen house and each year it's full of fruit and the marvelous thing is the cockatoos don't touch the fruit!  I have never used the fruit for jam making but have often wondered about it, so I thought I would give it a go as it would answer the question once and for all! WOW! It sure did!

It's a small fruit, not as sweet as a mandarin but peels easily like one, and it does make a delicious jam.  More like a marmalade.

 I really feel pleased that this crop isn't going to waste and I have jars to spare for my family and friends as well as some for me to spread lavishly on my toast. There is still enough fruit for another 2 batches of marmalade to make on the weekend.

After a massive clear out and repaint of the craft room  I have finally gotten around to some stitching. As all the bits and pieces for Foxley Village have arrived, I thought it was time to begin. 

Must say it is much bigger than I expected but I'm loving it! Block one done! Now onto the second.

I am still doing casual shifts at the Hospital as Covid is taking a heavy toll on staff, Doctors and Nurses and others each day. I have decided to stay and help out for a little longer but I do have a definite day for full retirement in mind!

Here's hoping the world will find it's way back to some sort of normal!





  1. I bet your 'marmalade' is delicious. Good to have enough produce to make pickles and Foxly Village is a lovely project. xx

  2. That jam looks SO good! Shame its orange. Sob.
    You know, that's the one Women's Weekly cookbook I don't have...but I know I've seen it in opshops so next time I'll grab myself a copy. Your quilt is starting very nicely. :-)


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